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Engaging services of Desiplay to supply content in localized English and Hindi
for a sports site launched by a client in the Indian market. Our team has been known to the business for a number of years and his business was a clear and obvious choice for this project due to their in-depth and exceptional sports knowledge. The Desiplay team have continuously delivered engaging content of the highest quality, leaving the client highly impressed with what is appearing on their site on a day-to-day basis. Have been responsible for the whole publication process, including the timing of articles being published and maintaining the site’s overall look. Sports – and particularly cricket – has been the mainstay of the site. Desiplay delivers expert news, analysis and feature pieces on soccer, kabaddi, badminton, field hockey, tennis and esports too. Our team have also taken on the task of creating daily quizzes to engage readers further. This has involved research of the subject matter and delivering the quiz online with relevant answers for players to follow. Another crucial area being managed by the team is social media. Platforms being utilized are Instagram and Twitter and the content has seen views of over 10,000 on numerous occasions, which is excellent for such a new brand. Our and the team are always available to give their thoughts and advice on the Indian market, for which our client is always grateful. The team are constantly channeling new ideas such as further social media channels, video and even podcasts to put to our client, many of which are under consideration. Desiplay have played an integral part in the successful launch of our new client in India and we look forward to continuing a long relationship with our team.

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